Addressing the Female Retirement Savings Gap

The superannuation system in Australia has long been failing women, resulting in a significant gender gap in retirement savings. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, women retire with 47% less superannuation than men. 

Traditional approaches and incremental improvements may not be enough to bridge this gap. However, a Self-Managed Super Fund (#SMSF) with #Bitcoin investments could offer a positive solution for women seeking to take control of their retirement savings and future financial security.

The superannuation gender gap:

Taking control through SMSFs:

Benefits of including Bitcoin in an SMSF:

Addressing the gender gap through financial education and empowerment:

Regulatory considerations and risk management:


The superannuation system in Australia has been failing women for too long. By taking control of their retirement savings through SMSFs and considering alternative investments like Bitcoin, women can actively work towards bridging the gender gap in superannuation. With financial education and empowerment, women can navigate the complexities of SMSFs and Bitcoin investments to secure a better financial future for themselves.